Disk Utility, Bootable Partition for macOS

Disk Utility is a built-in utility in macOS for disk management, during installation it appears, using it you can easily create a partition in macOS for a fresh install or backup purpose, here you can learn how to open hidden menu’s in disk utility and how to erase SSD/Harddisk, how to create a partition or multiple partitions in macOS. First of all, you need to understand these two things, first: Partition type, and second: Partition Scheme type.

The Apple File System (APFS) is file system for partion developed and deployed by Apple Inc.

Types of Partition in MacOS (required for installation)

  1. APFS ( Latest: Supports High Sierra or above).

2. MacOS Journaled Extended (Old: Supports all latest and old versions of macOS).

Partition Scheme: GUID (Necessary for Bootable macOS drive, it makes EFI partition).

How to Create Partition Using Disk Utility for fresh or clean install on macOS.

When you start the fresh install with bootable USB installer this window appears, actually here macOS installation starts, this window appears exactly after the apple logo progress bar came for the first time.

Disk utility in macOS installation.

Here you need to select the Disk Utility from these four options, clicking continue Disk Utility will open for disk operations, like partition creation or erase.

How to Unhide Disks in Disk Utility

As shown, you need to click on sidebar icon ‘down arrow’ in Disk Utility and it will show the option ‘Show All Devices’. Click here it will show your all connected disk drives, like SSD, NVME ,HDD and USB or External drives.

Erase the Disk for Fresh install.

Disk utility disk erase

Select the disk SSD or Harddisk you want to erase, and Click on erase.

Select Partition Type and GUID Scheme in Disk Utility

Disk utility partition type and scheme for macOS.

For example

Partion Name : macOS

Format : APFS

Scheme : GUID Partition Map.

Once you choose the name of Partition, Format type and Scheme Click on Erase button.

You will see the newly created partition in sidebar, it is your partition for clean macOS install.

Note: If you want multiple partitions on your selected disk then first erase it as shown below, then select Partition Option and make multiple partitions clicking on + sign.

Now you can select the newly created partition for installation of macOS.

Credit: iMateen, Hackintoshes.com, TechNolli

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